Over the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with many exceptional individuals whose dedication, skills, and work ethics have been exemplary and elevated the quality of our collective work.

Mark Selander

Senior Manager of Industrial Design, Dexcom

Ariel has been a great design partner and leader during her time at Dexcom. She and I worked together on the illustration system that is used in our app and product instructions. Our roles directly overlapped as I transitioned from getting the system started for early product definition, to then handing the work fully over to Ariel to creatively evolve, manage, and implement into the production pipeline going forward. Over the course of the following years we had many opportunities to work closely together, allowing me to stay up to date on how she built upon our early system - aimed initially at one product - into something that could support multiple evolving products, diverse customer groups, and new markets. Our work culminated in a shared presentation about the development of Dexcom’s illustration system to D-Data - a conference of industry and technology innovators in the diabetes space. I was able to see and benefit from her thoughtfulness and preparation first hand.

Ariel takes initiative and is self motivated. This stems from her genuine passion for the craft of design and the design process. She actively brings new ideas, tools, and inspiration to her colleagues. I’ve enjoyed our many conversations where Ariel was eager to share and discuss what she is learning and discovering; not just in design and illustration, but also in business, technology and through a wide interest of culture in general. In all of my time with Ariel, I’ve always found her collaborative, curious, and very intelligent in a way that made it a joy for me to work with her. I highly recommend her, and believe she will be a great asset to any team she works with.

Dani Truckenmiller

Lead UX Designer, Dexcom

I had the privilege of working with Ariel as part of Dexcom's Accessibility Initiative where she served as a champion for inclusivity and accessibility. As the leader of the downstream team, she navigated uncharted territory with grace and determination, rallying cross-functional support and driving meaningful accessibility improvements within the marketing function. Her talent and dedication to her craft is surpassed only by her kindness and passion for making a difference.

Jeffrey Meakins

Partner, VP at Cinco, Founder of Team Studio, Start-up Consultant

Ariel's collaborative spirit and openness to new ideas have made her a pleasure to work with over the course of the last year. She is very receptive to input from her partners and actively seeks opportunities for growth and improvement. She is amazingly supportive with a caring nature that shines through in everything she does and every brief she gives. She has consistently stood out as a bright spot in our team's days and weeks over the course of our time working together.

Ariel is constantly going above and beyond to make sure that her colleagues are supported while creating a positive and inclusive work environment. Her organizational skills are exceptional, and she approaches every task with thoroughness and a detailed eye while consistently delivering work at the highest quality. She had a great ability to write clear briefs with expectations defined for external agencies and partners and has made our collaboration extremely rewarding in the relationship, focus and work coming out of our studio. I highly recommend working with her!

Bridget Bartholomew

Creative Director at Dexcom

I highly recommend working with Ariel. She is an exceptional collaborator who consistently delivers on brand illustrations and iconography. Her attention to detail is second to none, and she is always willing to provide constructive feedback to ensure that the process runs smoothly. Working with Ariel was an absolute joy, and I would jump at the chance to work with her again in the future.

Yotam Kellner

Lead Designer at Wix.com

I had the honor and privilege to mentor and teach Ariel Sun on a web design education program called Wix Playground Academy back in 2018, which I was managing and leading for 5 years at Wix.com.

Ariel is a very talented, professional and organized UX, brand and graphic designer with many many skills, such as illustration, graphic design and great UI/UX knowledge. She’s a great problem solver, a very good person to work with and great with getting and giving feedback for others. I was incredibly inspired by her work ethic and her passion as she always went above and beyond for those around her – she proved to be reliable and hardworking. It was such a privilege working alongside Ariel. The next organization who gets to work with Ariel will be very lucky to have her!

David Dumais

Psychotherapist in Private Practice, November, 2016

Ariel was a joy to work with. She listened closely to what I needed and then we worked together, swapping ideas back and forth, until we got the website just the way I wanted it. Throughout the process, I was able to rely on her technical skill and her knowledge of social media. I cannot recommend her enough.

Lewis Aron, Ph.D.

Director, NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis, July 2014

Ariel designed my website quickly, beautifully, and with excellent results. (See www.lewaron.com) She taught me how to manage a good deal of it on my own which saves me time and money and is generally more efficient for my work schedule. She is easy to work with and provided good value. I recommend her highly.